Our home inspectors are ASHI certified and trained to the highest industry standards.  We include an electrical system scan* and water pressure test** with each home inspection.  SacPro Home Inspectors have specialized training in stucco, pool and spa inspections, deck inspections, thermal inspections, and older homes including Victorians.

To get a home inspection call (916) 333-0540 or schedule online.

* Real people to answer your call* Same Day Reports Available
* Easy to read Color Coded Reports* Convenient online booking 24/7

Agents and clients love our reports and online Request for Repairs tool!

Our home inspection reports have a Summary page, include a Request for Repairs builder, and are color coded and easy to read.  Each report includes photos and detailed descriptions of the home inspector’s observations and helpful recommendations.

SacPro Home Inspections follows the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA) Standards of Practice for home inspections.  SacPro Home Inspections is a member in good standing with the California Real Estate Inspectors Association and the American Society of Home Inspectors.

* Most home inspection companies only use a cheap “outlet tester” (“socket tester”) that fails to identify bootleg grounds, GFCI response time fails, and electrocution risks. Our digital electrical system scans find sluggish GFI/GFCI outlets, bootleg grounds, circuit voltage drops, and more. We do this for free because your safety is important to us.
** Water pressure tests are important. So why do inspection companies skip it? Time. They want to be fast and just do the bare minimum. But galvanized water supply piping can internally corrode with rust scaling and restricted water flow. PEX plumbing may experience corrosive dezincification of connectors, and restrict water supply pressure. Water pressure that is too high can cause systemwide failures of faucets and other components. All of these conditions may lead to leaks, flooding and substantial damage to the property. Checking water pressure and water supply performance is an important part of a competent home inspection. We do this for free because our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers.