Home Sellers Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Show buyers that you have nothing to hide.

Home sellers can schedule a home inspections (Pre-Sale Inspection) directly with us or go through their real estate agent.  It is your choice.

We are also happy to refer you to a top-producing real estate agent if you need one.

Benefits of home sellers buying
a Pre-Sale Home Inspection:

  • Understanding – what the buyer’s real estate agent will typically look for and report to their clients
  • What Needs to be Done – learn about damage, upkeep, updates, or repairs before you list your home for sale, so it doesn’t ruin a sale.
  • Do it on your time – real estate transactions move fast.  We all know how expensive rush jobs can be.  By ordering a Pre-Sale Home Inspection you can get to repairs on your time, and when it works best for you.
  • More Time for You – in the end, everything comes down to time, cost, and appeal.  The earlier you know about potential problems, the more time you have to correct them.  Sacramento’s market current trend is showing the Millennial generation (born 1981 – 1996) as the top group of home buyers, and the Millenial client tends to want a move-in-ready house.  The average Millennial home buyer knows to ask for a house inspection report, and they often avoid home purchases which require too many home repairs.

You can schedule a Pre-Sale Home Inspection click here or call (916) 333-0540.  If you are buying a home and need a Buyer’s Home Inspection, then click here.