Not all “Certified” Home Inspectors are the Same

Only CREIA and ASHI require Home Inspectors to pass:

– In-Person Written Examinations. Just like real estate agent licensing, CREIA and ASHI inspectors pass timed and proctored exams.
– Criminal Background Checks and annual verification
– Continuing Education (60 or more CE credits annually)
– Reviewed Home Inspection Reports. CREIA officials review reports to assure they are thorough, accurate, show competence of knowledge, and satisfy the CREIA Standards of Practice (SOP).
– Group Home Inspection Educational Classes
– Ride Along Home Inspections individually supervised by a certified CREIA Home Inspector to provide in-the-field education and hands-on experience.

Other organizations skip all of the above and just rely on an automatic “certification” of their home home inspector members after only an open-book online exam. With the other organizations, a person could literally wake up one day, pay their membership, take an easy online exam, and be a “certified home inspector” by lunch time.