Electrical System Scan

You get more by choosing SacPro Home Inspections. Awhile ago we decided to include electrical scans for free with each home inspections.

Why did we do this? Because our home inspectors found the electrical system scans to be so useful in identifying hidden issues, that we decided it was ethically appropriate to automatically include this service.

Sure, it takes a little longer, but these electrical scans finds things that would not otherwise be detectible through a normal home inspection.

Plus, the benefits to our customers are tremendous. So the business decision was an easy one because we are all about building long lasting relationships with our clients — one great home inspection at a time.

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What do most of the other home inspectors do? They plug in a cheap $15 GFCI Tester. But GFCI outlets can be improperly wired to fake a “correct” reading on these cheap GFCI testers. These GFCI testers fail to identity a “bootleg” ground, measure what the computer chip in the GFCI is doing, how fast the GFCI circuit interrupter responds, and if the GFCI responds within manufacturer’s specifications.

If you see your home inspector using one of these cheap GFCI testers, smack it out of their hand. You will be doing them (and yourself) a favor.

What do our electrical scans find? Our computer equipment measures:
1) true Root Mean Squared (RMS) sinusoidal wave quality of the electricity
2) specific Voltage as measured between Hot and Neutral wires, and Neutral and Ground wires
3) digital Frequency (Hertz) of the electrical supply
4) Voltage Drop (Vd) under load
5) Amperage currently on the circuit
6) Impedance as effective resistance and opposition to alternative current
7) Trip time of a GFCI to determine leaked current between conductors
8) and more…

With our electrical scans we are able to tell if a GFCI outlet (electrical receptacle) is wired correctly and trips within a safe amount of time according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Because of this, during our home inspections we have been able to identify the need to replace GFCI outlets that would have appeared ‘normal’ using those terrible cheap GFCI testers. But those GFCI outlets would probably not provide the safety protection against electrocution that they were designed to provide.

With our electrical scans we have been able to identify when there was too much resistance on an electrical branch circuit. High resistance means heat and a potential fire hazard. It turned out the home seller had performed DIY electrical modifications, using too long of a wire run using with too high of a gauge of wire, and had loose connections that were hidden from view. Because the wiring is hidden in the walls, all of that would have been missed through a standard home inspection.

Who can say? Maybe a future fire due to overheated and loose wiring was prevented as a result of us using our electrical system scan.

Now you see why we felt we felt compelled to include the electrical system scans with every home inspection. The decision was and easy one.

If you would like a great home inspection, then we welcome you to contact a team member at (916) 333-0540 or use our online reservation system. We would be pleased to provide you with an excellent home inspection!