Pre-Offer Inspections Boost Sales

In this fast-paced sellers’ market, our Pre-Offer Inspection service boosts buyer confidence when submitting strong offers.

Why did SacPro Home Inspections create this new service? Because top producing buyers agents told us they wanted help getting nervous buyers off of the fence and to assist them with writing the most competitive offers.

What is our Pre-Offer Inspection service? It is a brief analysis that is also known as a Showing Pre-Inspection or a Showing Analysis and is different from a traditional home inspection.

Instead, the analysis occurs during the showing to give potential buyers up to a 45 minute exploration of either a specific system (like electrical or plumbing), or it can be a mixed-system analysis of home before deciding to submit an offer.

As an added bonus, the price of the Pre-Offer Inspection will get 100% credited towards the price of a full home inspection through SacPro Home Inspections on the same house if your offer gets accepted and you proceed with the purchase.

For just $150.00, during the Pre-Offer Inspection our home inspectors will spend up to 45 minutes reviewing the home based upon what areas the home buyer wants to know about most, and then discuss the findings with the buyer and their real estate agent after the showing.

Since a 45 minutes appointment creates obvious time limitations, crawling under the house or up in the attic are not normally included in this service, due to time constraints. The Showing Analysis is not a home inspection and only applies client-selected portions of the Standards of Practice (SoP) based upon what specific systems the buyer chooses to have reviewed during the 45 minute appointment.

Contact us at (916) 333-0540 for more details or to schedule your Pre-Offer Inspection.

Notice: The terms “check before you offer”, “showing pre-inspection”, “showing analysis”, and “showing inspection” are uniquely created and used in commerce by SacPro Home Inspections, Inc. pursuant to the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. §1127 et al. The price of the “Check Before You Offer” service is not transferable to other persons or other properties.